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The Bulletin Board, Issue 1

Animal Drawing, Edie Butler ’21

Self Portrait, Edie Butler ’21

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Embroidery, Georgia Gordon ’22

Self Portrait, Nour Khalifa ’22

Color Pastel, Nour Khalifa ’22

Bullet Journal Spreads, Sophie Forte ’21

‘Interference’, Lucy Shuker ’21

Collage, Leah Goldstein ’23


“Life’s Tough”

Gabby Williams ’22

Life’s tough.

I feel like I’ve had enough.

I’m tired of all these fake people.

They’re screaming, as if that’ll make them all equals.

Its just noise.

And it’s everywhere.

It’s inescapable, I’m incapable of escaping ‘em cause they’re everywhere!

And I’m tired.

Every morning at 5:50 its the same thing.

Get up, wash up, dress up, head out.

It’s crazy, it’s hazy, please take me somewhere else.

Y’all make me so angry.

I try to stand up for me.

You all get mad for that.

But that’s what you told me to do!

I’m so confused.

And I know some things are my fault.

My feet pounding on the asphalt.

Choking on tears, and you tell me to stop crying as if i could.

It’s not that easy.

But life’s tough.

And yet I still can’t get enough.

I’m tired from staying up late writing this stuff, because it’s what I love.

Sacrifice my sanity, ‘cause there’s so much stuff inside of me.

Gotta let it out somewhere.

Yeah, it takes some time, crafting every line, so you understand what i feel inside.

It’s hard to put it into words.

Because most of what I write, it hurts.

This is how I stay alive, when I talk to you, don’t have to hide, ‘cause I write it down.

I could be perfectly authentic and still be anonymous.

But I don’t want someone else’s name, on my pain, you didn’t go through that, but I did!

The point is,

Sure life is tough, but writing this stuff, it keeps my demons at bay.

You could never know.

I could never explain.

‘Cause life is tough.

And I’m trying to be enough.


“Calm, Peaceful, Untroubled”

Samantha Severson ’26

Calm, peaceful, untroubled.

The state of things, not now, of course. But every once in a while

Things: random items.

Does joy come from those items?

Joy: pure happiness 

Not a care in the world.

Does that happen anymore? (Certainly not, says the jobless man).

Do you take the time to read books? To take time to go on a peaceful, carefree adventure? (Well, I don’t, says the child, who lives in an unstable home.)

Too busy. Too busy to take time and be thankful?

(No, because you should be thankful all the time, says the woman working three jobs.)

Being thankful. Too caught up in your day to take some time and appreciate what you already have? 

(Well, some of us don’t have anything anyway, says the man on the street, covered by a dirty blanket.)

What you already have. Shan’t that be enough?

Calm, peaceful, untroubled.

Let this be a reminder.

Calm, peaceful, untroubled.

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