The Laurel Leaf is Back!

COVID-19 is dispersing through the world like wildfire. Nations all over the globe are enforcing hard lockdowns and executive orders at an insurmountable rate. Here in Georgia, Governor Kemp has recently announced his executive order for a shelter-in-place until April 13th, as well as the closure of all public schools for the rest of this school year. But where do all of these circumstances put us?

Here at AGS, we are making a huge effort to work cohesively during this difficult time. Because of our resilient sense of sympathy, love, and community that has long been a part of our creed, we have been able to work side-by-side and push through this tough time. Teachers and students alike have been helping each other through every passing day. Our school goddesses have been keeping our competitive spirit alive through the quarantine challenge and their great youtube videos. 

To keep our community bonds strong, the Laurel Leaf has risen to the occasion and planned an amazing daily array of content for all of you. The Health Corner will be there for you whenever you need an extra boost of encouragement to get up and move, or when you’re looking to make a great bite to eat. Our new Laurel Leaf Quiz team is working hard on bringing you some fun AGS-themed quizzes for you to take for your enjoyment. Our staff is working alongside Lala and Abby to bring you a great Earth and Sky Page so that you can follow new challenges and points as they come. The Middle School Minute, assembly announcements, and the joke of the week will be provided by our middle schoolers and the Junior Social Chairs. Our new Bulletin Board allows you all to see all of your friends’ amazing work, every Monday. And of course, articles like this one are still being published every week. If you love our content, be sure to subscribe to our site by entering your email through the page’s email subscription box!

Again, we understand that this time may be a difficult one for many of you. Unfortunately, we will sadly miss many of the AGS traditions that would have been scheduled during these last few months of school. Our Laurel Leaf team is trying to fill that void; so let us know in the comments below if there’s anything that we can do for all of you. You can still be an active part of our community, even if that is through virtual means. Stay safe, stay healthy, and try to step away from your screens this upcoming weekend!