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An Uplifting Message From Your Goddesses :)

Special thanks to Abby and Lala for putting this video together!

And now for a message from your goddesses:

Dear Earthlings, Skylings, and Guardians,

We miss you all very much and we know that this is a very hard time to sit through. The anticipation is brutal, and if you have not mastered the art of patience by now, then we don’t know what else to tell you. It’s a crazy time to be alive and it’s not necessarily fun because we don’t get to see each other, but that doesn’t mean that our spirit and love for AGS have to die. You all have worked so hard this year, and we have made some incredible memories. Remember when we did the Halloween Cat Walk? Or that time we did the staring competition? Or when you met with your families and ate Oreos? Good times, good times. Let’s not let those good times die just because we aren’t physically with each other. We are always thinking about you guys, and we want to make your Quarantine time as fun as possible. We will both be continuing our goddess duties through the end of the year like never before. Such unprecedented times call for unprecedented spirit. We can’t wait for the day we get to see everyone’s smiling faces again and unite as one, but for now, channel the spirit of AGS from within until we meet again. We love you guys! Stay strong.

Abby & Lala <3

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