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5 Tips For Staying Active During The Day!

Its a tough time, especially for concentration. It is extremely important that you take breaks from your study space and engage your mind with other activities to keep you going! Staying active during the day is very important, and can help you take your mind off of things from time to time. Sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time makes your heartbeat slow down, calorie-burning rate plummet, and fat cholesterol level rise. Sitting for too long is essentially toxic, and quarantine isn’t helping us sit any less. Here are 5 great ways to get moving during the day, plus some ways that you can multi-task while doing some of your favorite sedentary activities.

Check out my video on how to stay active during the day with 5 tips!


How Can I Multitask? Here are some extra tips…

1) Stand up while working

Our lives seem to rotate around tasks that involve a lot of sitting. School, work, and TV are just a few of them. Try to stand up while you do your homework – find a high surface that you can put your laptop or computer screen on that allows you to work comfortably while standing. If this isn’t available in your household, try to take a five-minute standing break at least once every hour to 45 minutes.

2) Fidget while you work

It’s crazy – everyone tells you to stop fidgeting while in class, but here I am telling you to do exactly that. Another great alternative to a standing desk environment is to use an exercise ball as your desk chair. By sitting on it, you’re burning calories by bouncing and stabilizing your abs. If you don’t have this at home, try to drum your feet, stretch your arms a little, dance in place to some music, and keep moving while you’re working!

3) Clean your house

Many people might think that cleaning is a dreaded chore that they wish they didn’t have to do every day. Vacuuming, doing the dishes, doing your laundry, and wiping down countertops is no easy task. Think of it as your way of staying active!

4) Sneak in exercise while watching TV

Many people automatically head to their couches to settle in for some binge-worthy netflix. Who said you can’t be working out at the same time? You can try doing some simple exercises while watching TV, such as high-knees, crunches, or jumping jacks. Jump roping is another great way to get moving, too!

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