Laurel Leaf Minimalism Special

Hello fellow hurricanes! It’s Lala and Courtney coming to you live from our homes! Speaking of houses, how clean is yours? Has quarantine made it cleaner, or a little messier? Well, if you haven’t yet, this is the PERFECT time to do some decluttering. Here are some helpful tips to help clean out your spaces!

WATCH THE VIDEO of Lala cleaning out her room! Video- Lala Declutters Room

1. Create 3 piles. The keep, maybe, and donate piles. The first two are obvious, but the maybe pile needs some explaining. This pile is for items that you’re not quite sure you can get rid of or still might use. These clothes go in a drawer that should be out of sight for 3 months. After the 3 months, you decide if you will keep or donate them. 

2. Another important thing to do is take breaks when decluttering. Sort for 30 minutes. and then take a break. After you come back, look through the keep pile and sort that stuff into the keep and donate piles. 

3. Have a Marie Kondo moment. Hold up every item in a room and ask, “Does this spark joy?” if the answer is no, put it in the donate pile.

4. Also, think about how often you use something? If you find your favorite t-shirt from when you were in 4th grade, chances are, you haven’t worn it in years, and thus can get rid of it. And, if you have an emotional connection to it, take a picture so you can look back on it. 

5. Write down a list of everything you own or that you think is in one room. Next, go into your room or closet and see what you missed. If you didn’t write it down, chances are you don’t care about it or don’t need it.

6. Get the whole family involved! The more people that help, the faster it gets done and the more fun it can be. Put some fun music on and jam out to your favorite tunes can also make the process more enjoyable. 


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