When Earth Meets Sky, Hurricanes Fly!

Caira Murray November 11 2020


Dia Chiusano

Earth and Sky Goddesses. Lucy Shuker ’21 (left) and Trinity Yamamoto ’21 (right)

As times change, coming together as a community at AGS has been more important than ever. AGS prides itself on its sense of self and community. One way they have accomplished this is through Earth and Sky. The school assigns its students into small groups within the Earth and Sky categories. This allows students to get closer to people who might not be in their grade and tighten bonds among themselves. Even though it’s not the same this year, AGS has still found ways to make sure the experience is just as amazing. Since in person activities aren’t the safest way to make connections this year, old ways had to adapt and virtual has become the option. During a virtual assembly, students were split into different zoom rooms and set off to mingle with each other. To tie the entire experience together the Earth Goddess, Lucy Shuker, and Sky Goddess, Trinity Yamamoto, visited each group to bring the AGS spirit! On that note let’s meet our 2020-2021 goddesses! 

To get to know the Earth and Sky Goddesses we held a virtual interview with both of them to ask questions about their AGS experience.

Trinity Yamamoto is the Sky Goddess at AGS! She has an energised personality and loves to listen to music and bake in her free time. We asked her what motivated her to run this year as a senior in a pandemic, and her answer was simple.
Trinity Yamamoto: It’s my last year. I almost didn’t run but I decided I should, because why would I not? Anything could happen so I have to try.

Trinity has a you-only-live-once mindset so she wants younger girls to know not to hold back even when the opportunity gets scary, a prime example of how AGS has raised its girls to be courageous and strong leaders. Following in suit with the school’s goal of educating girls to lead lives of purpose, we asked Ms. Yamamoto if she herself has found her purpose.

I feel like my purpose is to spread happiness to younger girls!

Trinity Yamamoto, Sky Goddess

This is very fitting of our Sky goddess who is known on campus for her laugh and ability to bring joy to her AGS sisters. Trinity is more than excited to turn this insane year into something sustainable and memorable..

Lucy Shuker, AGS’s Earth Goddess is the other half of this duo. She doesn’t have a particular taste in music and loves learning and trying new things. She gave us a very interesting reason for running this year:
Lucy Shuker: I was in 7th grade and I always thought it seemed like a lot of fun. I also thought it was cool that I’d get to hype up a whole half of our school!

Ms. Shuker is a ball of school spirit that represents AGS Earth and Sky well! During Horizon Day she is planning to run out the gate, ready to win all the challenges and get points for Earth. We also asked Ms. Shuker if she has found her purpose as a senior this year.

I feel like AGS has given me everything that I need to find my purpose. I also believe people can have multiple purposes in life.

Lucy Shuker, Earth Goddess

This was a very real and honest response from Ms.Shuker. Many people define having a purpose in different ways. Her message to girls as a senior is to enjoy the small moments at AGS while they can. Even the moments that don’t seem like they matter much at the time because in a blink of an eye, they will be gone.

Returning to AGS this semester and seeing all the love and kindness shared amongst the community has strengthened our AGS spirit. Knowing that the school has such great student leaders is another source of reassurance that the AGS spirit is strong and resilient. As they say when earth meets sky, hurricanes fly!