Jennifer King is the NFL’s First Full-Time Black Female Coach

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to recognize the first Black woman to become a full-time coach in the NFL. Jennifer King was promoted by the Washington Football Team and holds the title as a full-time offensive assistant. 

“It was a very long road to get here. It took a while.” King disclosed to CBS News’ Dana Jacobson. King’s coaching experience started in 2018 as an Intern Wide Receivers Coach for the Carolina Panthers. In between 2018-2019, she transferred to Arizona Hotshots, where she was an Assistant Wide Receivers Coach and Special Teams Assistant. Throughout 2019, King was an Intern Running Backs Coach for the Carolina Panthers and an Offensive Assistant for Dartmouth College. In 2020, was when she became a Full-Year Coaching Intern the Washington Football Team. She was promoted on January 26, 2021 as the Assistant Running Backs Coach. 

Ron Rivera, Washington’s head coach, chose to hire King because she has worked her way up. Rivera illustrates that King’s resume was just as good as any male coaches’. At an all girls school, it’s exciting to recognize the strong women who have worked their way up and fought hard to be role models for generations to follow. “Representation means so much,” King states in a statement released by the Washington Football team. Jeniffer King is an inspiration to all women and young girls. Her success is something to be celebrated during Black History Month and beyond.