Felicia Moore Spotlight

Taken by Atlanta City Council Office

         Hi my name is Caira Murray and I am a 15 year old African-American girl! For Black History Month I wanted to learn about a woman in power that looks like me. So, I decided to interview none other than Felicia Moore who is the Atlanta City Council President. 

How do you think being African American  has contributed to your success/challenges as an elected official?

Ms. Moore told me that she had to face the struggle that most African American people face which is having to prove her worth. Even though this could be hard sometimes, she told me that it helped make her who she is today! 

Do you feel as if you have had to work harder than some to reach your current position because of race? 

“Because of race we all have to work harder against systemic racism” Ms. Moore was very prominent in the fact that she has had to work harder because of the color of her skin but also because she’s a woman. This made her have to think about what she is going make change but in a sustainable way. 

What would you offer as the best advice to young women of color who want to pursue roles in government? 

Her word of advice to women is to not let being a certain race define you, but to go in thinking about the change you will make and show WHO YOU ARE by being active in your community and connecting with others. “Success comes to those who want to serve the public.” 

What is an achievement you have made as an elected official that you take great pride in?

Ms. Moore was very proud of creating the “Maddy Call.” One day, two constituents of hers wandered from their homes. They both were dealing with mental illnesses and no one could find them. One of the people was found, but a woman named Maddy Moore (not related to Felicia Moore) was not. Instead, she was found dead near the house. It was then that she knew that there needed to be an available call for when people with mental impairments go missing so someone is aware! This call works in the form of a bracelet which grew in popularity because now people from all over the United States use the Maddy Call. Ms. Moore was glad she could bring this change, especially because this situation really touched her heart. 

Would you say that your success has been worth the sacrifices made to obtain it?

“Anytime you’re able to make people’s lives better is worth the sacrifice” Ms. Moore believes it’s worth the sacrifice if it means she gets to serve the people. When she sees other people giving to their communities it fills her heart because “everyone has to benefit, but everyone has to want to give back.”

Having incredible people like Felicia Moore in office keeps Atlanta running! She is an amazing role model for all the African American girls who want to change the world. We appreciate her service and the kindness she has spread throughout our city!