Join the Earth & Sky Ecochallenge!

Hey Hurricanes! As leader of the AGS Environmental Club, I’m super excited to announce that we have collaborated with the Goddesses to organize a fun (and environmentally friendly) challenge for students and faculty at AGS. We have decided to participate in the Drawdown Ecochallenge, an easy and entertaining way to help out the environment. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to complete several challenges for points. These challenges include eating one vegetarian meal a day, calculating your carbon footprint, and researching women’s reproductive rights and why they impact the environment. I hope everybody gets involved and enjoys our competition. Please reach out to Kamille Sylvester, Lucy Shuker, Trinity Yamamoto, or me (Claire Gregory) if you have any questions. I’ll put our emails and the links to each team’s page below!

Claire Gregory: [email protected]

Kamille Sylvester: [email protected]

Lucy Shuker: [email protected]

Trinity Yamamoto: [email protected]

Earth Link:

Sky Link: