College Visits 2019


Dia Chiusano

Zora Cokes ’22, talks to a representative from Maryland Institute College of Art

This year, we kicked off the year to a really great start with college visits. “College visits are just a great way to see and get an idea on what schools are around you, and also a way to visit some colleges or universities you weren’t considering,” says college counselor Ms. Joy Prince. This year, college visits have changed in many great ways. Prior to this year, grades 10 through 12 were the only ones who could visit, but thanks to Ms. Prince all upper-school students are open to visit many different colleges. Another advantage of this year is that colleges are now open to meeting and handing out brochures to students this year, whereas last year the visiting college representatives were very limited with contact and communication with students. College visits are now held in the Upper School Annex, and you can take a few minutes of your lunch to scope around and get an idea of what programs and majors schools offer. A daily announcement before lunch is made by Ms. Prince to let you know what schools are visiting that day. Unfortunately, the college visit season only lasts for another few weeks, so hurry if you want to go to one! If you have any questions about visits and or any colleges, Ms. Prince is open to discussing any questions you have, and her office can be found on the first floor right by the front entrance!