Dress to Impress


Maryn Loeffen

Isabella Newberg (’20) sports her blue hair.

During the summer preceding our 2019-2020 school year, AGS students and parents were informed of new changes to the AGS Handbook. Most were pleased to learn of new changes made to the uniform policy. In past years, some students have felt restricted to our strict uniform policy. Prior to these changes, there have been strict footwear rules, and only two shirt options. While talking with fellow AGS Hurricanes, it seems like the new changes have been a hit. Georgia Gordon (‘22) says her favorite change to our uniform is the improvements made to the appropriate footwear guidelines for school. She feels that it is something that is less important to students and especially teachers. 

Clare Coffman (‘20) says, “I wear fun socks and fuzzy socks, which is great because I can grab any of them in the morning and also stay warm. I also have a navy skirt which does not clash with the crazy socks or shoes.”

“With these new changes, I’ve seen fewer uniform infractions,” says French teacher Ms. Thurman. Individuality is an important thing to AGS students, and AGS is growing by expanding the boundaries in which students can express themselves through their uniforms. Clare says, “I think the navy skirts allow AGS to implicate more of the school colors and the socks will keep many students from getting in trouble over something so small and irrelevant.”

Along with the attire adjustments, students were pleased with the privilege to freely dye their hair any color of their choosing, if they wish. It has allowed students to express their personalities by means of individuality. 

AGS students seem to enjoy the new freedoms they have been granted, as Clare says, “I love the freedom of shoes because it does not detract from the uniform, but it allows for style and change to be woven into our everyday clothes.”

Maryn Loeffen
Lila Cook (’22) shows off her fun socks.