Teachers & Social Media


Shanlee Dinwiddie

9th grade dean and World Studies teacher Ms. Byrne

In the past few years, one of our AGS teachers has started a social media initiative. Ninth Grade Dean and World Studies teacher, Ms. Byrne, runs social media accounts across three different platforms to help her followers dive deeper into the everyday activities at AGS. Through her accounts, she is able to reach anyone from students, faculty, and new parents looking for a place to send their child to school.


“The best things we do here at AGS are what we do in the classroom, and I don’t know if it’s captured anywhere else. I just wanted to make sure that it’s being captured and stored somewhere.” says Ms. Byrne. Through her accounts, she shares the everyday life that the students work through, especially in her own classroom and teaching space. On her Twitter and Facebook, she focuses more on her adult audiences, which have proven to be successful, especially to prospective parents. She hopes that she can have more parents with students already at the school follow one of her accounts so that they might get a better glimpse of student life, as that is the main reason why she started her social media initiative in the first place.


Her Twitter and Facebook are connected, so whatever is posted on one account will automatically appear on the other. Her third account, Instagram, is a little more focused on her student audiences. There, she mainly focuses on keeping her viewers up to date about what’s happening around the school and in her classrooms.


She says, “I have grown a lot professionally, and so last year I decided to bring the faculty along with me.” Now, Ms. Byrne is also encouraging other teachers to start their own accounts, because while Ms. Byrne has many talents, she can’t be in every classroom at once, sharing what students do. Even if they are reluctant, she will also encourage others to send her pictures that she may share on her accounts.


As she continues in the journey of running her platforms, there are still some things she would like to see happen. One interesting idea that she mentioned was having students, especially her advisory, take over the account for a day to showcase their own experience in AGS. She also encourages more people to follow her accounts to get a better look at student life! If anyone is interested in doing so, her platforms are below.


Facebook: @TheMsByrne

Twitter: @TheMsByrne

Instagram: @themsbyrne