Under the Sea with the Little Mermaid


Frannie Walton

Ariel (Hannah Walls ’20) shows Flounder (Dia Chiusano ’22) a strange object she found left behind by the human’s ship.

Frannie Walton, Photographer and Columnist

It’s less than a week before The Little Mermaid opens and rehearsal is in full swing. Nearly 40 students are preparing for opening night on the 13th of February. The show is being run, props are being set, and lighting cues are being recorded. Since Winterim, the students have been practicing dances, reviewing their lines, and polishing their characters. The show stars Hannah Walls (‘20) and Clare Coffman (‘20) as the iconic redhead mermaid-turned-human and her sailor prince. Josie Schoenberg (‘20), Lucy Shuker (‘21), and Dia Chiusano (‘22) are Ariel’s loyal sidekicks, Scuttle, Sebastian, and Flounder. Malaika Alilaw (‘21) plays Ariel’s overprotective, human-hating dad, King Triton. Courtney Cage (‘20) plays Triton’s sister, the evil sea witch Ursula, along with her sidekicks Flotsam (Flora Smith, ‘20) and Jetsam (Sydney Sessions, ‘22).
Tickets are available in the weekly AGS email, and are just $7 for students. You definitely do not want to miss this show, as it’s two hours of dancing, singing, and fun! Come support your sisters as they perform the show they worked so hard on!


Buy your tickets here: https://atlantagirlsschool.org/announcements-reminders/the-little-mermaid/