She Makes it Work! Coolhaus – Awesome Ice Cream


Brooke Bailey and Riley Fishman

Coolhaus is an ice-cream company who has been producing delicious flavors for over 10 years. The women who co-founded this incredible company are Natasha Case and Freya Estreller. These two special women started their ice-cream journey in 2009. Their goal was to create “architecturally inspired gourmet desserts.” They started as friends, and later became romantic partners with a shared passion for baking creative sweets. In an article on Elle, Estreller explains how Case brought some ice cream and cookies to her and was discussing her idea to name them after architects. They began to discuss their food/architecture idea, and it has become a success, as it is now known as the company Coolhaus. They initially launched their sweet treats at Coachella in a Craigslist-purchased postal van.
The fact that the company is entirely woman-owned is heavily advertised on their website. It is a huge selling point and female empowerment is an important aspect of their company. In the same Elle article, they explain how people often don’t think they are the owners of the company because they are women. They released an article on their website about Women’s History Month with their tips and tricks on how to be a powerful and strong female entrepreneur. Since their time selling at Coachella, the company has grown larger and has been extremely successful. They not only have a storefront in Culver City, but also have several stores in L.A., New York and Dallas. They distribute their ice creams and “sammies” (ice cream sandwiches) all over the country, and they are sold in over 7,500 grocery stores, including Publix and Whole Foods.
One of the things that makes Coolhaus so special is their attention to detail and where their ingredients come from. On their homepage, Coolhaus expresses how they take pride in having organic, fresh ingredients. They show their pride by making their ice cream with milk from cows that were not given the bovine growth hormone, cage free eggs, cold pressed vanilla, organic chocolate and cane sugar. In a review on Yelp, 25 people even say that in one of Coolhaus’s most popular flavors, Dirty Mint Chocolate, uses fresh mint leaves and the difference in taste from regular mint chocolate chip ice cream is apparent in the first bite. They also have unique flavors, or favors they call “nontraditional desserts,” that you can’t find anywhere else. Some of these flavors include milkshake and fries, buttered French toast, basaltic fig mascarpone, and street cart churro dough. Sounds delicious, right?
Coolhaus is just one of the amazing women-owned companies out there today. Make sure to keep a lookout for another woman who makes it work!