Getting Back Into the Swing of School After Spring Break


Claire Gregory, Staff Writer


At the end of Spring Break, many of us run into the same problems. Year after year we struggle to adjust back to waking up early, packing our lunches, remembering to complete our homework, and completing other various school-related tasks. To help with this dilemma, I wanted to share some tips with the AGS community on how to get back into the school schedule more easily (besides coffee!).

One helpful trick is to down a cold glass of water right when you wake up. Besides the initial shock of the cold water, staying hydrated has proven to help keep you alert throughout the day. Drinking water throughout the day has many other benefits, including improved sleep quality, an overall better mood, and decreased muscle fatigue. This means that staying hydrated will not only help you stay focused in English class, it should also help you jump back into PE and spring sports with ease.

Another idea is to try planning your day the evening before. I like to set out all of my clothes, extra bags, and toiletries that I’m planning to use the next day every night. This way, I get a little extra sleep in the morning and don’t have to rush around searching for my other sock or shoe. Separating different parts of your evening for different tasks can eliminate a lot of back-to-school stress and get you to bed a lot earlier. Planning and organizing your time might seem like a lot of work, but once you try it (if you haven’t already), you will find that it actually makes life a lot easier.
Lastly, I would recommend sitting down and having a short chat with your advisor about getting back to your regular schedule if you’re struggling. Not everything works for everybody, so having somebody there to guide you through figuring out strategies that work for you can be extremely beneficial. Our advisors are here to help us, so I’m sure they would all be happy to help any of their students if needed. Afterall, AGS is a team, with many faculty members and students always ready to help. This is the final stretch of the school year. We’ve got this!