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An Uplifting Message From Your Goddesses :)

An Uplifting Message From Your Goddesses :)

Nour Khalifa, Columnist & Marketing Manager

April 8, 2020

Special thanks to Abby and Lala for putting this video together! And now for a message from your goddesses: Dear Earthlings, Skylings, and Guardians, We miss you all very much and we know that this is a very hard time to sit through. The anticipation is brutal, and if you have not mastered the ...

Getting to Know Your Goddesses

Earth and Sky Goddesses Abby Philpott  (left) and Lala Tolbert (right)

Ella Berg, Co-Editor

November 20, 2019

One of our most valued traditions at AGS is our yearly Earth and Sky competition. AGS students are placed on one of two teams, Earth or Sky. Both teams compete throughout the year in friendly competitions, and the winning team is announced on Horizon Day in April. At the end of every school year, two r...